Facebook Interests Extractor PRO

Facebook Interests Extractor PRO is a small chrome utility that will take the most important interests you get from Facebook Audience insights into one clean easy to upload file for your Facebook ADV Campaign. Leverage your business with the power of the new Facebook Graph Search, lower your advertising costs and significantly increases your conversion rates!

Facebook Interests Extractor Pro

Target the most relevant customers.

Instead of targeting large audiences using the “conventional” Facebook targeting options, you can now narrow your audience to only reach the most relevant users. This lower your advertising costs and significantly increases your conversion rates !


  • Extract super targeted users from your Facebook search screen to a TXT file and easily uploaded them as Custom Audiences to your Facebook Ads campaigns
  • Target your Facebook Ads more precisely
  • Boost your ads CTR up to 7X with Custom Audiences
  • Get PENNY clicks from FB Ads Higher CTR = cheaper clicks
  • High conversions with super targeted visitors
  • Super fast and powerful scraping technology
  • Easy for use + Step-by-Step Video Tutorials
  • The most reliable and safe scraper in the market!

Install Facebook Interests Extractor PRO and start aggregating Data faster & regularly of your Prospects & Target Audience. Very Helpful for Sales, Marketing & Recruitment.

How to use Facebook Graph Search to get targeted interests & keywords in 3 easy steps:

Step 1. Search

  • Discover your exact prospects interests by using Facebook Graph Search syntax;

Step 2. Extract

  • Extract the most value interests from Facebook Graph Search into comma separated TXT file;

Step 3. Paste

  • Copy & Paste your keyword lists into Facebook Ad Targeting Tool

Facebook Interests Extractor Pro

What type of Interests you can get with Facebook Interests Extractor PRO ?

  • Pages about location / interest / brand / person
  • Pages / interests liked by specific influencer
  • Pages liked by gender who like brand / gender / interest / person
  • Pages liked by gender over the age of number
  • Pages liked by people who live in location
  • Favourite interests of people who like brand/gender
  • Music liked by person / page / brand who also likes brand / interest
  • Movies liked bybrand who also likes interest
  • Games played by people who like brand / interest / location
  • Apps used by people who like brand / person / interest / location
  • Place of interest visited by people / profession who like brand

Who should buy this software ?

  • People who want to promote their own product on Facebook
  • People who want to promote their own service on Facebook
  • People who want to promote someone elses product
  • People who want to promote CPA offers on Facebook
  • Action takers
  • Market Researcher
  • Keywords Researcher

Note: Graph Search is available to people using Facebook in English ( US ) for desktop.

Facebook Interests Extractor PRO

Uploading your interests list to Facebook:

Facebook Interests Extractor

Install it on your browser: